CNC frezuotojai lenkejai ir 1 TIG al. suvirintojasir 4 nerud. plieno suvirintojai Olandijoje

NC machine according technical drawings of aluminum plates. Programming is needed. 1x: TIG Aluminum welder. Welding of aluminum plates 1 - 3 mm. €14, 24 bruto per hour. 2)Skubus užsakymas iš Olandijos
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My biography Residence Kaunas apskrytis

iu Germantas secondary school after 12th grade I joined the Tent sites, Varnių town, blacksmith and welder school. I taught for 2 years and finished a very good practice with 9 points 10 points theory
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Metal and shipbuilding area: Finland/Norway 1x

AIN control, Beginning immediately or by agreement, Instrument: 1850, - € net/4Weeks2x construction welder / metal fabricator and mechanical equipment for the food industryput together by drawing work
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ISMIRA, UAB. JOB DESCRIBTION:WELDER ENGINE DEPARTMENT - In charge of carrying out welding jobs and maintenance as per Staff Chief direction /instruction. Responsibility and Authority: • Ensure that al
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