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Motivational letter For Software Engineer position I think I am a worthy candidate for Java, C #, C ++ or other similar programming duties. Your company's proposed work is very interesting and I believe that I can be a full-fledged member of the team. The most of hands-on experience I have is with the Java language because I used it doing most of the university projects, experience with Python since I was using it during internship at CERN. Knowledge in Web Development using CodeIgniter framework. I have co-operation and communication experience because during the summer of 2018 I have worked in America as a game attendant at a theme park. My computer skills are good, I can be fluent at English. I am sure that my practical experience and knowledge that I gained during the studies will be useful in carrying out the tasks because during the studies I had to do tasks such as: conference equipment rental system (Java). A program that can do registration for a doctor‘s appointment, ability to see the doctor's recommendations, moreover, the doctors can also log into the system and see the patient list and records also Java). A program that can manipulate a csv file (Python). I have done problems with R where I had to display data in various diagrams. I also had to use the Visual C # to create a keyboard typing game. SQL and database diagrams were also incurred during the studies. Experience with Android studio since I made a prototype of Fisherman’s Information system, which lets user to view map, mark items in it, check weather and other information. I have no doubt that my knowledge, skills, practical experience and personal qualities such as perseverance, the ability to quickly assimilate knowledge, communication skills, responsibility, can be successfully used in your company to achieve your goals. I hope that you are interested in my candidacy and I am looking forward for your kind reply. Respectfully, Martynas Gelumbauskas

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