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My name is Partha. Recently I just relocate to Klaipeda, Lithuania. Before that i was working in Malta as a Technical Designer position in a structural space frame company - where we do fabrication, installation and design on site. I have to generate technical drawings in AutoCAD 3D and 2D, and because we have a steel manufacturing factory, we have to prepare production drawings in SOLIDWORKS Software for components and assemblies on a daily basis for factory job cards. I'm working on the 2D and 3D aspects of the project, constructing metal structures out of IPE, UPN, HEA, and HEB beams, hollow sections, steel pipes, and flat bars. Additionally assisting the administrative department with delivery notes, invoices, project estimation calculations, and purchasing orders. Communication with customers and vendors for material selection. I occasionally need to travel to the job site to assist the foreman, welders, and installers in completing the task in accordance with the plan and the specification. Making daily reports of activity and also performing other tasks assigned by the manager/Director. I am learning the Lithuanian language. I have been living in Europe for the past 10 years and since the beginning of 2014 I have maintained a good relationship with Lithuania. More information, job related documents and references from my previous work can be found on LinkedIn - www. linkedin. com/in/partha-das-a8869933/ Availability : I can start work as soon as possible. I am looking for long-term commitment. Available from 1st November, 2023 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. My wife recently got a job offer from Klaipeda so we moved together. Visa / Work permit condition:- I have a permit to work and live in Lithuania. ( Family member of LT citizen - 5 years period) Can start work immediately without any hesitation. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks & Best Regards Partha Das. 370-67775225 parthadas. cca@gmail. com

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